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Bringing Together Talents for Total Success!

Nghosi.com welcomes the very sharp and witty, Dangerous Lee with this issue of her online column and the next recording of her talk show.
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Nghosi.com welcomes songstress, Ledisi to the community as we learn more about her new CD, "Lost and Found". Check her out Nghosi Profile!
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Nghosi.com welcomes International model, Kamil to the community as we chat with him about fashion week, his sexuality and his future.
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Nghosi.com welcomes another edition of Torri's Sistaz Coloring Outside of the Lines with a spotlight on the talented singer, Alison Crockett.
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Nghosi, was originally founded in 2002 as two entities: Nghosi Productions and Nghosi Books.com. Both entities were created to bring together small businesses and independent artists for a combined effort to create total success for all involved. They were also the beginning of the CEO/Founder, Shonia Brown's desire to self-publish her first novel, "A Deeper Love" and help create a network of giving and receiving. Through this four year journey, the companies were more defined and what evolved through growth and various collaborations, is an arts and entertainment technology company that utilizes the cost-effective and endless facets of the Internet to promote emerging artists.

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